June, 2013 – From Land Organism to Gaia; The Land Ethic Evolving

Two presentations on the similarities and synergies between Aldo Leopold’s “land ethic” and the “Gaia paradigm.” Presented for:

Ken Leinbach Executive Director, Urban Ecology Center, Milwaukee, WI

Martin has a deep and beautiful thought process that is a joy to be near. While being well read and well versed on other’s theories and thoughts he most definitely has his own unique spin on the world. He has a way of seeing patterns from his experience of being alive and awake in the world which allows him to make sense of many of life’s complexities. This is a rare and wonderful gift … but it is only half of the battle.

What really works for Martin is his gentle ability to communicate with others. He is a seasoned teacher and excellent lecturer. He is always well prepared, time sensitive and fully present to his audience. Martin is the full package and I’m one lucky guy to be both his colleague and friend.