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Entrepreneurial Earth offers presentations and workshops for schools, teachers, educational organizations, businesses and more. Featured are unique, interdisciplinary presentations and workshops on the Gaia Paradigm” – the confluence of the best available scientific understanding of Earth as a living system with cultural understandings of human beings as a seamless continuum of that life.

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Other programs include:    

  • “Telling the Stories We Need” Workshop” (Find Out More)
  • “Energy in our Lives” (Energy education)    
  • Entrepreneurial Earth (the implications of the “Gaia Paradigm” for a green economy)
  • Schoolyard education (see also Ogle, Paper on Schoolyard Education)
  • Also:  a range of programs on topics from geology to conservation, through lectures, storytelling and art. Or, work with E.E.LLC to tailor-make your own! (Find Out More)


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Michael Baldwin Co-founder of the Marion Institute, Chief Sponsor of “Bioneers by the Bay”(annual environmental conference in New Bedford, MA)
Martin Ogle has consistently contributed mightily to the cause of public understanding of Gaia Theory at “Bioneers by the Bay” Conferences. He concisely and brilliantly conveys a deep understanding of Gaia Theory with slides and stories that make the subject comprehensible. The 1 1/2 hour workshop he led this past year (2009) was fascinating, incredibly informative and appreciated by all in attendance. We hope, of course, to have him continue his teaching at future conferences!

Martin Ogle on energy education as part of environmental education.