“Gaia in Turmoil; Climate Change, Biodepletion, and Earth Ethics in an Age of Crisis” An edited volume with contributions from scientists, educators, historians and more (including chapter by Martin Ogle, Gaia Theory; Model and Metaphor for the 21st Century

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Gaia in Turmoil (200x300)

“In the Eye of the Hawk; Reflections Along the Potomac” by Martin Ogle A book for anyone interested in fostering a lasting connection with the place they call home. A collection of essays based on the lessons and wisdom of place, leading to a vision of a sustainable future.

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In the Eye of the Hawk

“A Sweet and Sublime Enigma” by Martin Ogle Poems, stories and prose exploring how we are a seamless continuum of Nature.

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A Sweet and Sublime (200x302)

gray is green logoPublished Articled on Gray is Green: Gaia – An Ancient Myth Awakens Through Science!


Integrating Cultural and Natural Interpretation with Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Article in Legacy Magazine (National Association for Interpretation) January/February 2014 issue


Stories to Live By

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The Land Organism And Gaia;

Toward the co-evolution and advancement of the Land Ethic and Gaia Paradigm


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The Land Organism and Gaia