Deep Time Walk – “this is a 4.6 km walking audio book for smartphones telling a history of the living Earth. This unfolding takes you from [4.6 Billion Years Ago] to the present day, with each metre walked representing 1 million years. During the dramatised walk between a fool and a scientist you learn from the latest scientific evidence about how our planet evolved over this vast stretch of geological time, including the accretion of the Earth from a disc of rocky debris, the formation of the oceans and atmosphere, the appearance of first life – bacteria, then the first nucleated cells and multicellular organisms.”




    • Information on Gaia Theory:
    • A provisional list of ways that an ALL careers approach could be infused into educational venues: Actions to advance an ALL Careers approach.              This list has been created with the input of dozens of people at workshops at which we explored how to connect environmental knowledge / concern with ALL careers.   This list will be periodically updated.   Send me your ideas to be added.  
    •  An interview / call-in show with Roger Wendell on KGNU Radio (88.5, Boulder, CO) about how environmental knowledge / concern needs to be connected with ALL careers, not just those careers referred to as “environmental careers” (which presently make up a very small percentage of the economy. 
    • Martin Ogle’s Book Publications including Gaia Theory work, place-based living, and nature poems.
    • A list of Testimonials from educators, nonprofit professionals, public officials, and parents.



What is Efficiency: A New Story