Dream_of_Gaia_Artisphere_2011“Entrepreneurial Earth” is a mindset conducive to the practical development of sustainable and thriving human culture.

Entrepreneurial Earth, LLC (E.E. LLC), founded by Martin Ogle, helps companies, organizations and individuals/families achieve their sustainability goals and engage their innate human creativity to envision and implement sustainable ways of working and living. Towards these ends, E.E. LLC offers education (programs and workshops), consulting and project-based work. (Discover More: Services).

E.E. LLC’s work is built upon one of the most profound scientific discoveries of the late 20th and early 21st centuries – that Earth is a living system and that human life and creativity spring from the life and creativity of our planet!  This science, known as Gaia Theory or Earth system science, mirrors mythic understandings of most or all earlier societies that saw human beings as part of a living planet.  We have choices as to how we “aim” our creativity – in directions that are destructive and unhealthy or in directions that allow us to flourish with life around us over time. The conscious realization that our minds are a seamless continuum of Earth can inspire and inform us to choose the latter! (Learn More: Gaia Theory)

In addition to above services, Entrepreneurial Earth has been working to develop an ALL Careers Initiative and approach, largely in Boulder County, but now in other parts of the front range in Colorado, to promote the connection of environmental literacy and concern with ALL careers, especially at the high school level.  See a fuller description of the ALL Careers approach, below.

Entrepreneurial Earth has co-sponsored presentations and workshops for parents, teens, teachers, guidance counselors and others.  See the “Musing” (periodic blog) entitled “Environmental Literacy and ALL Careers for more information on why this project is important for young people and our world.   See a provisional list of ways an ALL careers approach can be infused into educational venues: Actions to advance an ALL Careers approach.    This list has been created with the input of dozens of people at workshops at which we explored how to connect environmental knowledge / concern with ALL careers.   This list will be periodically updated.   Send your ideas to be added.

This theme is one that is recognized by nationally known authors and thought-leaders.   Richard Louv, author of “Last Child in the Woods,” wrote a blog entitled “Want a Nature-Smart Career? 11 New Jobs for a Nature-Rich Future (and for Right Now).”  The California Department of Education’s “A Blueprint for Environmental Literacy” discusses environmental literacy as fundamental to careers in the 21st century.  Nationally recognized sustainability advocate, David Orr, delivered a speech at Claremont McKenna College in 2015 entitle “Hot Careers in a Warming Climate” that champions the idea that addressing the challenges of our time must involve all careers – our whole economy.  We aim to build upon these concepts and offer high school (and other students) a clear sense of how any career they choose could be part of making a transition to a green economy.

A number of organizations including the Colorado Youth Congress, the Cottonwood Institute, and Parent Engagement Network have joined in efforts to bring the ALL Careers approach to a widening audience in Colorado.   The Climate Leadership Summit, produced by high school students in Fort Collins, has adopted the ALL Careers approach as part of its mission statement.

ALL Careers approach description: an ALL Careers approach seeks to make explicit connections – especially in the minds and experience of young people – between environmental knowledge/concern and ALL careers (not just the small segment of the economy made up of “environmental careers” as presently understood).   The purpose is at least threefold: 1) to empower young people (especially high school students) with a solid sense of how they can contribute to the creation of a green/sustainable economy no matter what their skills, aptitudes and career directions; 2) to give these young people knowledge of specific environmental principles and how they can be used in a wide variety of ways; 3) to inspire young people to make these kinds of connections, increasingly on their own, to intentionally create a green/sustainable economy rather than leaving it to chance.

Jay Fisette Arlington County (Virginia) Board Member since 1998 (written upon Mr. Ogle leaving Arlington, VA after 27 years of service)
Martin Ogle embodies the spirit of Arlington’s vision statement (“…where people unite to form a caring, learning, participating, sustainable community”), and would be a valuable employee for any organization lucky enough to get him. Martin lives his life consistently with his convictions and values and has a gift for bringing the importance of nature to others. I recommend him without reservation.