In his 27-year career as Chief Naturalist for the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, Martin has received praise from educators, public officials, parents, and more.

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Kim Langmaid Founder, Vice President, and Director of Sustainability and Stewardship Programs, Walking Mountains Science Center

Martin facilitated an engaging experience for our staff retreat. His expertise on Gaia Theory combined with his passion for environmental and sustainability education truly energized us. Not only did we gain a greater understanding of how our day-to- day place-based work integrates with Gaia Theory, we made deeper connections with one another and developed creative new ideas for our educational program.

Adrian Fielder Chair of Sustainability, Colorado Mountain College, Carbondale

Martin has an open, all-inclusive demeanor that invites everyone into the space he creates, and he has a knack for helping people understand the importance and utility of the information he presents. In the “Why Gaia Matters” workshop, presented to the Roaring Fork Valley community on Feb 18, 2016, Martin enabled all 40 participants to answer this question for themselves, by linking their own values with the body of scientific evidence that so clearly establishes the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things within the Earth system. As the Gaia metaphor itself, Martin does so much more than provide data:  he presents this startling information in a deeply compelling manner, via stories and analogies, so that the insights provided by Gaia Theory can have maximum, long-lasting benefit. Several months after his workshop, people in our community were still thinking about his visit and what they learned during our session with him. The time we spent with Martin was of concrete value both to our degree-seeking students and to lifelong learners in the wider community.

John P. Harris PhD, Engineering Science (retired)

Martin Ogle’s presentation on the Gaia Theory is thought provoking to any listener and combines an excellent presentation in both content and delivery with selected quotes and data. One of the very best presentations I have ever seen.

Lynne Sullivan Interpretive Naturalist, City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks

Martin Ogle’s recent move to Colorado represents an exciting addition and resource for the local interpretive naturalist community (and all other educational institutions). Martin is a highly skilled and seasoned naturalist who has been exploring the ins and outs of the Gaia Theory for decades.

He presented the basics of the Gaia Theory to our education staff. It was fascinating, easy to understand, yet clearly complex and fully engaging. We were so inspired with the insights we gained that we asked him to train our entire interpretive team to incorporate basic concepts of the Gaia Theory into our hikes. Martin is able to deliver the concepts of the Gaia Theory across the continuum from a basic introduction to detailed discussions about deeply provocative details at the edges of our best understanding.

Larry Kascht Naturalist Supervisor, Lead Teaching Naturalist, Retzer Nature Center, Waukesha County Parks, Wisconsin

Martin Ogle is a most captivating and engaging speaker, able to communicate a depth of knowledge of [the “Gaia Paradigm”] in plain and accessible language. He communicates clearly and convincingly, and encourages his audience to embrace this powerful idea. He leaves listeners amazed, and thinking “Why haven’t I considered this perspective before?” He provides a tool for applying the universal Land Ethic to local places, and to human communities who live there. The Gaia Paradigm, as he communicates it, becomes a launching pad for effective interdisciplinary education and understanding. It brings earth system science and human culture together in a most needed synthesis of disciplines, enabling a much clearer understanding of environment and sustainability.

Lynn Margulis Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

…with scientific authenticity, but no compromise on emotional tone and level of concern, Ogle explains, simply and directly, the urgency, usefulness and applicability of The Gaia Hypothesis. He can and does engage children, professionals and political leaders on this and other subjects. He is not afraid to embrace scientific insights…and to criticize science’s excess. Listen, join his conversation and be thrilled. (Lynn Margulis passed away in November, 2011. She was one of the most influential scientists to support the Gaia Hypothesis/Theory, collaborating with James Lovelock beginning in the early 1970s)

Brian Walsh President, Waukesha Count Green Team

After much discussion, our young non-profit organization decided to use some of its very limited funds to help bring Martin Ogle to Wisconsin and co-sponsor his talk on Gaia Theory.

Our state has a proud environmental heritage that includes being the site of ecologist Aldo Leopold’s storied shack. Martin skillfully used Leopold’s familiar Land Ethic to connect with our diverse audience and introduce us to the broader concept of Earth Ethic as a central component of Gaian principles.

We learned that Gaia Theory is a systems science which considers Earth to be a single biological system – Humans are more than just passengers on a rocky sphere. Human thinking is now THE major force of life, and we must think differently about our relationship to the planet.

Martin blended multi-media and personal experience to captivate the audience and shed light on Gaia Theory from historical, symbolic, and scientific perspectives.

The crowd was so engaged and energized that, on a week-night, most stayed at least one hour after the presentation to informally continue the conversation. This was a happy reinforcement of our group’s decision to take on a leadership role in the event.

Adam Siegel Founding Board Member, The Energy Consensus
In spring 2007, Martin gave a presentation on Gaia Theory to a group of 25 people, all of whom have deep understanding and concerns about aspects of energy theory. Martin’s presentation captured and educated both those (like myself) with a knowledge about Gaia Theory and those who had only the vaguest concept of it. His deep knowledge and passion combine for a compelling presentation. While truly expert in this subject, Martin presents with a humility toward the subject that fosters a richer dialogue, encouraging questions and interaction with the audience. I say this of few presentations and presenters, but this is a presentation that I would sit through multiple times, as I believe that I would learn each time and be sparked into considering issues in different ways through his presentation.
Jay Fisette Arlington County (Virginia) Board, 1998-Present
Martin Ogle embodies the spirit of Arlington’s vision statement (“…where people unite to form a caring, learning, participating, sustainable community”), and would be a valuable employee for any organization lucky enough to get him. Martin lives his life consistently with his convictions and values and has a gift for bringing the importance of nature to others. I recommend him without reservation.
Lisa Marie Thalhammer Artisphere, Education Programs Director
In July, 2011, Martin Ogle presented a one man show entitled “A Dream of Gaia” at Artisphere, Arlington County’s new Art Space for Everyone. In this wonderful performance about the relationship between humanity and Earth, Ogle magnificently transformed scientific theory into enchanting stories and artistic rendition that expanded our understanding of the physical world. He employed narrative, storytelling, imagery, and music to create a fascinating presentation that engaged, entertained and challenged the audience.
Cindy Schwartz Parent, December 2012
I had Martin come for my 8-year old son’s Birthday Party. Martin showed a remarkable amount of patience and was able to bring the kids into his stories. As an adult I found his presentation fascinating and learned some things about energy and circles myself. He brings a sense of wonder to how our world works and how the circles of our world are interconnected. He draws from many sources and I think the kids really liked learning about the growth circles on a turtle’s shell. They especially liked learning how old our neighbor’s turtle was.
Constance Skelton Science Supervisor, Arlington (Virginia) Public Schools
Martin has been extremely involved in the Arlington Community, sitting on boards of several organizations, presenting programs in a wide variety of venues, and integrating the work of many in the community within the context of sustainability. He has become a recognizable, sought after expert on the environment and sustainability for the Arlington Community. (statement of support for Martin Ogle at his retirement from 27 years with Northern Va. Regional Park Authority)
Michael Baldwin Co-founder of the Marion Institute, Chief Sponsor of “Bioneers by the Bay”(annual environmental conference in New Bedford, MA)
Martin Ogle has consistently contributed mightily to the cause of public understanding of Gaia Theory at “Bioneers by the Bay” Conferences. He concisely and brilliantly conveys a deep understanding of Gaia Theory with slides and stories that make the subject comprehensible. The 1 1/2 hour workshop he led this past year (2009) was fascinating, incredibly informative and appreciated by all in attendance. We hope, of course, to have him continue his teaching at future conferences!
Jay Fisette Arlington County (Virginia) Board Member since 1998 (written upon Mr. Ogle leaving Arlington, VA after 27 years of service)
Martin Ogle embodies the spirit of Arlington’s vision statement (“…where people unite to form a caring, learning, participating, sustainable community”), and would be a valuable employee for any organization lucky enough to get him. Martin lives his life consistently with his convictions and values and has a gift for bringing the importance of nature to others. I recommend him without reservation.
Ken Leinbach Executive Director, Urban Ecology Center, Milwaukee, WI

Martin has a deep and beautiful thought process that is a joy to be near. While being well read and well versed on other’s theories and thoughts he most definitely has his own unique spin on the world. He has a way of seeing patterns from his experience of being alive and awake in the world which allows him to make sense of many of life’s complexities. This is a rare and wonderful gift … but it is only half of the battle.

What really works for Martin is his gentle ability to communicate with others. He is a seasoned teacher and excellent lecturer. He is always well prepared, time sensitive and fully present to his audience. Martin is the full package and I’m one lucky guy to be both his colleague and friend.