June 2013 – Energy and Life; Energy in Context

Energy and Life; Energy in Context (July 2013)
A 1.5 hour lecture and discussion on energy education and the importance for establishing context for understanding energy. History of human energy use, problems associated with the kinds and scale of modern energy use and how energy works in living systems were all explored.

Tiffany Boyd 4th Grade Teacher, Louisville Elementary School (Louisville, CO)

As educators and citizens, we are fortunate to have Martin Ogle in our community as a mentor and fellow citizen of this planet! He is passionate about bringing scientific facts about Earth, our environment, and our relationship to Earth in order to foster student’s critical thinking. Martin believes an integrated view of the natural world helps us to move forward in a thoughtful way in our role of shaping the future. He knows how to engage students and adults in meaningful conversations that leave you curious and invested in pursing solutions and more knowledge. On top of this, Martin understands the unique platform and responsibility of teachers and I recommend him as a valuable resource to local schools and other organizations.