February 2013 – Gaia Theory Workshop at Boulder City (CO) Open Space and Mountain Parks

Gaia Theory Workshop, Boulder City (CO) Open Space and Mountain Parks Interpretive Staff, February, 2013
An overview of Gaia Theory and examples of activities and topics that can be used in interpretation of natural history in Boulder County.

Lynne Sullivan Interpretive Naturalist, City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks

Martin Ogle’s recent move to Colorado represents an exciting addition and resource for the local interpretive naturalist community (and all other educational institutions). Martin is a highly skilled and seasoned naturalist who has been exploring the ins and outs of the Gaia Theory for decades.

He presented the basics of the Gaia Theory to our education staff. It was fascinating, easy to understand, yet clearly complex and fully engaging. We were so inspired with the insights we gained that we asked him to train our entire interpretive team to incorporate basic concepts of the Gaia Theory into our hikes. Martin is able to deliver the concepts of the Gaia Theory across the continuum from a basic introduction to detailed discussions about deeply provocative details at the edges of our best understanding.