Fall Semester, 2013 – Adjunct Professor, Naropa University, “Sustainability; Policy and Practice”

About the Course

This graduate level course on sustainability is a unique approach that combines much of the history and widely used approaches to sustainability with the contemplative education model that Naropa is well known for. This approach allows for the incorporation of elements of human nature and human-scale needs that are often difficult to address in other contexts.

About the Program

[From Naropa.Edu] The Master of Arts in Environmental Leadership degree prepares the next generation of innovative thinkers, organizers, and activists to lead organizational and community transformation toward an environmentally just and sustainable society.

Engagement in the inherently interdisciplinary field of environmental studies calls for multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural, and collaborative leaderships skills. Employing an integrated, living-systems perspective and infused with insights from ecopsychology and contemplative traditions, the program offers a balance of theory, skills, inner development, and experiential application to train for this work.

Graduates of the MA in Environmental Leadership are prepared to lead creatively and compassionately from a strong inner foundation of self-knowledge. Under this new paradigm of leadership, our MA students are empowered to direct and manifest an emerging future that integrates multicultural perspectives, collaborative decision-making and cutting-edge environmental thinking on behalf of the earth and all living beings.